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Indian Agricultural Research Institute

IARI Library is one of the largest and the finest agrobiological libraries in South East Asia housing a total of 6 lakh publications including 1 lakh books/monographs, 3,50,000 journal volumes, 45,000 bulletins, 15,000 post graduate theses, 10,000 pamphlets, 30,000 news clippings, 30,000 reports, and other reference materials. The Library has, on its role, 2000 members, viz., students, scientists and technical staff. It also serves about 8,000 visitors every year. The Library functions as the depository of FAO, IDRC and AVRDC publications and also as the National Depository for CGIAR institutes publications.

During the year, the Library procured 516 publications, which included 258 in Hindi and 258 in English costing Rs. 20,44,893. The Library also acquired 217 gift publications, 156 IARI theses, 5 ICAR/RFT theses, and 173 ICAR award winning theses documents.

The Library procured 806 journals/serials through subscription, gifts and exchanges. It subscribed to 106 foreign journals (out of which 45 had online access) and 252 Indian journals and 54 advances/annual reviews. Exchange relationship was maintained with 185 institutions/parties globally and nationally by sending annual reports/ Indian journals and society publications. One hundred seventy-four (174) annual/scientific/technical reports of different institutions and 152 bulletins were received in the Library. The expenditure on Serial Acquisition Programme from Plan and Post Graduate Strengthening Grant was Rs.77,07,346.

 New Arrivals 

  • Agricultural Statistics 2006
    by United States Department of Agriculture, Washington
  • Agricultural Research Data book 2008
    by Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, New Delhi
  • Agricultural statistics at a glance 2005
    by India, Ministry of Agriculture, New Delhi
  • Livestock extension education
    by Venkatesubramanian, V.
  • Centre-Wise Detailed Technical Programme for the Years 2008 & 2009
    by All India Co-ordunated Research Project on Remewle Sources of Energy, Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering,
  • Fertilisers key to food security
    by The Fertilizer Association of India, New Delhi
  • Biotechnology in agriculture, forestry and fisheries
    by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome
  • Vision - 2050: NBSSLP
    by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi
  • Vision - 2050
    by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi
  • Vision - 2050: IIVR
    by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi
  • Vision - 2050: IARI
    by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi
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